Adrian Marden

All Artists Gallery

It might be argued that our consumer society is wasteful with too many commodities unfairly distributed and advertising feeding on our vulnerability and dissatisfaction. However, this material culture has provided many with products that would not have been enjoyed in the recent past and are unobtainable in numerous parts of the world. Whilst trying to maintain an objective view the current artwork celebrates some of the benefits we enjoy, these contemporary images catalogue the careful crafting of the forms and the detailed finishes of ‘Everyday Things’ which we either ignore or discard. Marden’s images are made by observing and recording the subject. He works within these constraints, using a limited pallet and hard-edged shapes to depict these items. The images are exhibited, often much enlarged and cut out, to focus attention on the abstract quality of the elements of the drawing.

  • paper clip
  • water
  • bottle