Brian Neish

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Brian Neish has been exploring ideas relating to decay on exterior architectural features ever since conducting what turned out to be revelatory research in Umbria and Tuscany looking at fading doors, panels and shutters – all suffering from the rigours of sun, rain, frost, wind and time, an effect he dubbed “Noble Decay”.
His most recent ‘Manhattan’ series is based on patch-up windows in the Meat Packing district of New York. It is the latest in his quest to discover the inherent expressive power of multi-layered surfaces: in this case treatment upon treatment of contrasting colour and tone, the plastic qualities of drying oil paint, areas that becomes covered and those that seem to escape

  • Manhattan Window #5
  • Manhattan Window #7
  • Manhattan Window #4
  • Manhattan Window #1
  • Colour Comp 3
  • Colour Comp 02
  • Williams
  • Tucson