Etsuko Montgomery

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Etsuko Montgomery is a British-trained and London-based artist, whose distinctive fusion of East and West art practice is the result of technical and experimental development, allowing her print-making and painting to influence each other.
In both her painting and printmaking Etsuko often uses Japanese calligraphy as part of her mark-making process. Though some of the characters she uses are legible ancient Japanese Iroha she does not necessarily intend that the artworks be read.
Using calligraphic marks upon canvas, board and paper comes naturally to Etsuko. She has always had an interest in the traditional Japanese high-art aesthetics of calligraphy. Equally her emphasis upon a limited palette can be seen from the perspective of traditional descent.

  • Essence in Blue III
  • Seconds of Silence II
  • Floating to the Beyond
  • When the Heat Dies Down_
  • Scent and Shadow II
  • Essence Anew
  • Our Insight Appears