Ewan David Eason

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Ewan Eason studied at Bath Spa University, he currently lives and works in London.

Whilst studying the work of Paul Cezanne and his strict use of primary colours and their immediate derivatives, Ewan David Eason started his investigation into the interplay of contrasting colours which soon developed into exploring the ‘concept’ of contrasts.

Ewan’s impressive book sculptures continue his preoccupation with contrasts whilst also exploring the cycle of life and death that the tree undergoes; from living tree, to paper and then brought back to life in book form. The sculptures composition reinforcing these opposites, the ridgid rectangular shape of the books contrasting against the softness of the round circular motif cut into its core, a motif that reappears in much of the artists work.

Eason’s work has been well recieved in a number of prestigious institutions including the Barbican, Christies as well as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London.

  • Sacred London
  • New Horizon, Book turn
  • New Horizons