June Sira

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There’s an other-worldly stillness to June Sira’s paintings that captures a fundamental aspect of youth – their rich interior landscape and an often overlooked thoughtfulness and wisdom that comes from a young person attempting to make sense of an ever challenging and changing world.
Our culture can be quick to label young people as narcissistic, screen obsessed and pathologically distracted by a constant stream of social media and information. If only that label didn’t fit so closely the lives of the adults so quick to condemn. We’re not so different from the people we’re older than as we might like to think.

  • Girl with Pink T-Shirt
  • Girl With Flowers on her Shirt80x100cm
  • A Young Girl Reading. 100 H x 120 W x 2.5 cm. £ 4200
  • A Nest Of Pillows. 95 H x 100 W x 2.5 cm.  £ 4200
  • Girl with Red Shirt