Mike Hall

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Michael graduated from Manchester College of Art and completed his postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art in London.

Michael established his reputation in film and television design in the 1970’s and 1980’s, during which period he also undertook various painting commissions. He has had a one-man show in London and his work is currently on show in Galleries in Surrey and Hampshire.

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  • La-Croix-Valmer
  • Artist's-Cottage-
  • Three-Chairs-by-tbe-Fountain
  • Chair-Shadows
  • Small-Harbiur-Cafe
  • Lunch-table-in-the-dappled-light
  • Houses-clinging
  • Harbour-high-tide
  • Sunlit--Bridge
  • View-of-the-square-from-the-cafe
  • Two-Chairs-by-the-river
  • Terrace-Roussillon
  • Argenton sur Creuse
  • View Across the Creek II
  • Shaded Square, Brittany
  • Evening Meal on the Terrace
  • Le Sant Roch cafe
  • View of Confolens
  • Steps Down to the Creek
  • Cafe Tables, Honfleur