Rob Van Hoek

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Rob Van Hoek is a Dutch artist inspired by nature, in particular cultivated landscapes which reveal patterns, lines, rhythm and planes. A cultivated landscape lets us into a beautiful world, with manmade elements; mown fields, green fallow a line of trees all of these create a harmonious image. To capture these patterns and lines an important part of his technique is to scratch, draw and rub into wet oil paint.

Music also plays a vital role. An guitarist himself Van Hoek will listen to music while painting and often gives his paintings titles which are part of the song’s lyrics.

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  • Slip into The blue
  • In the winter time_web
  • Just before nightfall
  • On a clear day
  • Sunrise, sunset - Swiftly go the days
  • The early morning sounds
  • The morning light
  • The nature of daylight
  • The stars clear the black of night
  • The sun comes through the skylight
  • These bright nights
  • This is my land
  • We’ve got to go outside
  • Softly as a Morning Sunrise
  • The Colour of the Night
  • ...and the Full Moon Looks
  • The Sun Went Down
  • Orchard Road
  • Almost Halfway
  • When the Red Sun Sets
  • Black Night