Russell Frampton

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Russell Frampton, was born in 1961 in Hampshire. He was educated at Portsmouth and at Exeter Art College (B.A. in Fine Art), later taking his M.A. in Fine Art at the University of Plymouth. He is now living in Devon but also makes frequent visits to his house in Brittany.

”Nautical and maritime themes have often resurfaced in my work mainly because of associations with my childhood, being brought up on the River Hamble within a stones throw from the busy international shipping port of Southampton. The Solent and Cowes as seen from Warsash were formative landscape memories and the regular passage of tankers, passenger ships, ferries and yachts against the backdrop of the flaming refineries at Fawley etched a painterly structure into me”.

  • Pool at Pulse Barrow
  • Finisterre Cargo
  • Searobyrig
  • Nathansleod
  • Saltreach
  • Noon Barrow
  • Cleave Tor
  • Rounding Hengistbury
  • Purbeck Ledge
  • Blue Haven
  • Lone Sail off Fleet_web
  • Twenty Tides
  • Apollo Stern Quarter
  • Apollo Section No. 1
  • Apollo Bridge Section Rivet Trails
  • Sea Journal 4
  • Sea Journal 2
  • Trackway
  • Glacial Whistles
  • Solent Edge
  • Settlement II