Ursula Leach RE

All Artists Gallery

Painting, print making, Visual Arts
‘’I make paintings and prints responding to the chalk landscape of Cranborne Chase. It is a mainly arable landscape where the variety of marks and colours are endlessly fascinating and informative. The work is, to some extent, about current agricultural practises but firstly is about the formal issues of image making. Colour has become increasingly important to me as an expression of mood and atmosphere. As global warming takes effect there are dramatic and beautiful changes of colour in the fields. Pictorial structure and the edge of the image offer exciting scope to explore the space and scale in a landscape of huge fields.’’
Trained: Winchester, Wimbledon and West Surrey College of Art and Design, B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, RE

  • Spring I
  • Hedge Fragment
  • Flood III
  • Fieldshape II